Wednesday, 28 August 2013

24 hours later...

A very brief update after drinking lemon water for the day:

I was a bit skeptical at first because there are so many of these links on social media trying to persuade you whats good for you etc, but I have to say that i've probably drunk at least four times as much water today than I normally would have, since I've tried it with sliced lemon!  Not because i've been forcing myself too, just because it felt natural to keep topping up the glass as it was empty! And that can only be a good thing!  

I've felt better in myself, that sore tummy i've had for the past couple of weeks hasn't bothered me at all today and I haven't felt the need to snack as much either on rubbish.

Test will be if I can continue tomorrow when I'm back to work.

Fingers Crossed! 

Rise and Shine!

It's not even 7am and thanks to my little monkey waking me up, I've had time to enter the following two competitions:

What's on Bristol - a chance to win a hand made kids back bag once the page reaches 3200 'likes' - come on guys - join in (and if you win and don't have kids...HINT HINT!) ;-)

Hushbabysleeping = a chance to win a free chalkboard by simply 'liking' their status.

Easy, right!

Off for my lemon water now... and to see what the day brings!


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Competition update

I've been entering some more competitions over the bank holiday weekend, but have to wait to hear if I am successful with any:

Asda have a competition to win a brand new BBQ and £100 of food to go with it!  Deadline closes 30th August, so a few more days left if you want to be in with a chance!

Tickets to see Stereophonics at the NIA

Free photo shoot by Steve Bates Photographer 

Nuby Bath Squirters and Splish Splash Stacking Cups for filling in a quick question on their facebook page

Ones I haven't been successful with:

Family pass to Bowood Gardens :( 
NUBY feeding set

Still Waiting to Hear:

Jamie Oliver's Feastival 
The 2 nights B&B, meal and surf package at Watergate Bay

I also had an inspired moment earlier and have decided to expand this blog idea not just for social media competitions, but to see how else it can have an impact on social media users.  For example, a few days ago I came across a link that explained the benefits of drinking lemon water:

I'm keen to give it a go and see how I feel afterwards.  I started earlier today, and suprisingly drank 3 glasses of the stuff! (normally i'm very bad at keeping hydrated and i'm sure thats a factor why i rarely feel 100%).  Will give more updates in due course.

Taste Test Review - Annabel Karmel Products

We had a splendid day out at Slimbridge Wetland Centre yesterday with some fantastic friends, and this was a perfect opportunity for James to try some of his Annabel Karmel snacks, as they were easy to throw into his lunchbox for dipping in to throughout the day.

A couple of the snacks that he had to try we found very similar to ones on the market already - fruit bakes in Apple and Raspberry flavour.  Always a winner with these and he feels a grown up eating similar fruit bars to mummy and daddy!  Also means he isn't nicking ours! 

The ones I was most interested in were the Carrot and Mild Curry Crackers and the Beet and Shallot crackers.  I haven't seen anything like this on the market so far (not to say that there aren't any, just I haven't looked for them!)

James seemed to enjoy them and I was more than happy for him to munch on them as they are over 50% veg.  I wouldn't have thought to try James on Beet and shallot flavour products before but won't hesitate now that I know how much he enjoys them, and if he is anything like his Daddy then he'll soon be moving away from the 'Mild' curry flavour products and on to the more spicy goods!

As a thank you for completing the taste test, the pack also contained a couple of packs of products which were already available - some cheese and onion rice crackers and some apple crisps.  I noted that James wasn't particularly too fussed about the apple crisps - he sucked them and kept pretending to eat them but gave up!  Maybe this is a sign that he won't be interested in dried fruits???!  The cheese and onion rice crackers were a little more successful but he wasn't overwhelmed by them like the veg crackers.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saturdays Competitions

Mummy Knits Love: A competition to win a pair of Ugg style boots (up to 12 months) or a knitted hat!   

Tickets to see Peter Pan at the NIA in Birmingham

Ticket for tonights Lottery

The thing is, it takes like a minute max to enter each of these things.  I'm sat here with baby in bed, Chris out at a party, telly on in the background, so its not like i'm actually loosing anything by entering them.  Well, apart from maybe spending the time cleaning the house instead!  

But there are far more important things than cleaning, right?!

James has started trying the Annabel Karmel products, and they seem to be going down OK.  First one was a Carrot Curry Cracker.  Sounds strange, and I couldn't actually bring myself to try it, but he seemed quite keen!  I feel bad that I seem to give him lots of savoury snacks, he likes Pom Bear crisps, biscuits and crackers.  I'd like to get him eating more fruit, but its just hit and miss whether he will have them or not, whereas savoury options are always a safe bet.  I'd never thought too much about fruit/veg crackers, but I think I'd be happy to buy them in the shops knowing that they are just a slight tad more healthy.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Tiny Taste Tester

James has a job!

Another competition which were successful with; we've been selected to try some new Annabel Karmel products which are in development.  There was a post on their facebook page a couple of days ago and all we needed to do was send an email with our details to be considered.

Box of goodies arrived in the post today (again, didn't believe it would actually arrive until it did!)

Watch this space to see if James likes them!

H :-)

Latest Competition

Latest competition

'Win a beach break in Cornwall' - through Jamie Oliver's website.  Saw something on Happy Monkey's facebook page (smoothies that my 15 month son adores - see pic!) but as I can't get on to FB after 1.30 in the office, thought it might be on JO's website.  Came across this one instead.  Closing date 24th August. Prize is a two night B&B break at Watergate Bay Hotel, a half day surf lesson at the Extreme Academy, and dinner for two at Fifteen Cornwall. 

(Insert Bristolian Accent here) Sounds lush!  

We visited JO's Fifteen Cornwall years ago.  I made Chris take a day off work and didn't tell him what I had planned.  I got his passport from his mum, picked him up in the morning and drove him to Bristol airport.  At this point he still had no idea where we actually going!  Hopefully he wasn't thinking somewhere nice and exotic (especially as we had only booked the one day off work!)

Nope, we arrived in the airport and I took him to the check-in desk for Newquay.  I know what you're thinking - how lazy to FLY to newquay!  But i was a new driver at this time, had never done long distances in my little green peugeot, and wasn't about to start now!

It was only a 1/2 hour flight; we arrived, got in the taxi and that's when I told him that I had booked us a table at JO's Fifteen Cornwall. I'm pretty sure he was shocked by it all!! 

We had a lovely 3 course meal (I had secretly hoped that the famous JO would himself be there - that would have been the icing on the cake!) , a stroll around Newquay, and then got the plane back to Bristol!  All in a days work!!

H :-)

James enjoying a Happy Monkey Smoothie: